Weather Forecast - Sunday 1 January

SUN 01   8am

Forecast for the the Pittwater to Southport race; it will be updated tomorrow, MON 02 at around 7am

The forecast will be sent by email and a second email will include some routeing for yachts of around 38 feet, 40 feet and 42 feet.

If you want to receive some grib files for the race area, then please let me know.


SUN 01  Softer SE-NE in the morning and NE/10-15 afternoon. A few showers developing during the afternoon.


MON 02 

A S change of 25-30 kts expected to run up the NSW coast early morning passing Sydney at around 6am

Wind S/20-25 on the coast that afternoon with S-SSE/25-30 offshore.

The front will be most active with showers and local thunderstorms during the later afternoon and night when on the north coast of NSW.

TUE 03

The S change will reach the far north coast of NSW early morning with S-SSE/20-30. 

The band of frequent showers and thunderstorms will move north of Southport during the morning

Behind the front, the wind will be SW-S/15-25 on MON night/early hours of TUE morning, then S-SE/15-25 during TUE afternoon and also TUE night.

A few showers will persist with the S-SE winds behind the front.

WED 04

SE/15-20 on the NSW north coast; SE/20-25 on the far north coast of NSW and SE QLD.

An active tropical/monsoon trough and possible low pressure may move south to be located close to Fraser Island – that will assist in keeping the wind speed at 20-25 kts on the far north coast of NSW and SE QLD.

THU 05

SE/15-25 onto the far north coast of NSW and SE QLD coast.




SITUATION: S/25-30 front to pass Sydney around 6am and be north of Coffs later that night.

WIND   S/23-27 outside Pittwater at the start; S-SSE/20-25 near the coast later afternoon and night and SSE/25-30 offshore.

WEATHER  a band of rain with possible heavier showers – the rain becoming more widespread late in the day and overnight when the front is on the NSW north coast. Shower or 2 behind the front.

WAVES  1.5m then 2m waves on a 1m S-SSE swell increasing to 2m

CURRENT strong adverse current offshore from Sydney and again north of Crowdy Head – with strong adverse current flooding to near the coast at Smoky Cape.



SITUATION: S front on the far north coast of NSW early morning clearing the Brisbane area that morning.

WIND   SW-S/15-25 in close to the coast in the morning and S/20-25 afternoon. Easing to SSE-SE/15-20 south of Smoky Cape in the afternoon/night. SSE-SE/20-30 north of Smoky Cape then SE/20-25 at night.

WEATHER frequent and heavier showers contracting north of Southport; fairly cloudy most of the NSW coast with a shower or 2

WAVES  1-2m waves close to coast; 2-2.5m waves offshore; 2m SSE swell

CURRENT strong adverse current near the coast around Smoky Cape and Cape Byron; strong adverse current out near the shelf elsewhere.



SITUATION SE then ESE flow onto northern half of NSW coast – strongest onto the far north coast NSW and SE QLD.

WIND  SE/20-25 far north coast of NSW and SE QLD

WEATHER  mostly cloudy with a few showers – showers more frequent far north coast of NSW-SE QLD.

WAVES  1-2m waves and 2m SE-ESE swell

CURRENT  strong adverse current – closest to the coast near Smoky Cape and also Cape Byron.



SITUATION  SE-ESE flow onto the SE QLD coast between high pressure over the south Tasman Sea and an active monsoon trough/low on the coast north of Fraser Island.

WIND  SE/15-25

WEATHER  mostly cloudy with a few showers

WAVES  1-2m waves and 1.5m ESE swell

CURRENT  strong adverse current near Byron and all areas out near the shelf.




Pittwater to Southport


The Pittwater to Paradise Regatta will be starting on Sydney's Pittwater,  1 hour drive north from Sydney's CBD on January 2, 2019 and run through to 9 January, 2019.

The ocean race offers competitors a strategic challenge as they race between the surfline and the current, past unsurpassed scenic coastlines, prior to arriving in one of Queensland's most popular coastal cities. Once on the Gold Coast boats will enjoy a four day series regatta hosted by the Southport Yacht Club.

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